What kinds of donations are needed?

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Big things, little things, all sorts of things! If it’s doll-related, especially for Pullip and company, it would probably be a great donation. You can check out our wishlist for some specific ideas.

Typical item donations include handmade or commercially-produced doll clothing, doll accessories and photo props, customizing materials, merchandise featuring doll photography, and more. We especially appreciate donations of multiple items, especially small identical or similar-value items.

We especially love donations of dolls! We welcome stock or custom dolls, in any condition. Dolls that are in mint condition can be offered as contest or treasure table prizes. Dolls in poor condition will be sent out to volunteer customizers to get makeovers and return all spruced up.

Please limit doll donations to dolls made by Jun Planning, Groove, or Ars Gratia Artis. While we have many fans of Blythe, Monster High, and other dolls in attendance, and those dolls are welcome to visit in the crowd, PUDDLE is for the appreciation of Groove-family dolls. As such, we would like to keep the prize offerings to dolls directly related to Pullip, which includes minis, Angel Pullips and Dals, J-Dolls, Ai Dolls, and other dolls from the same manufacturer.

Monetary donations are always welcome and will be used to pay for the maintenance of the website as well as funding future PUDDLEs. A $10 donation pays to sponsor one month of the website.