Contest Rules

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Impartial judges choose winners for all contests. Some contests also have fan favorite awards, selected by participant votes. A number of prizes (including dolls!) will be awarded for each contest.

The purpose of these contests is to encourage collectors to be creative and have fun with their dolls.

What contests can I enter?

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Best in Theme

How can you make The Haunted Library come to life? Show us your best theme-related doll, outfit, photo, drawing, diorama, or other creative work. Any entry entered into any of the contests will be assessed for Best in Theme; you only have to enter your work in this category if you are not entering it in another category.

Customization Contest

Do you love to Make It Own? Have you rewigged and rechipped every doll you’ve ever had? Do you sew, knit, crochet, or hot glue new dresses for your dolls? Show off your artistry to rival Mango Park in the Customization Contest! New this year – Dolly Smorgasbord!

DressLike-Your-Doll Contest

Dress in matching outfits with your doll! Will you dress like your doll, or will your doll dress like you? It’s up to you to decide.

Photo and Art Contest

 Take or draw a related picture with your Groove doll(s) to enter this contest, even if you can’t make it to Chicago on June 6! (Deadline is June 30, 2020.) The theme is The Haunted Library. Anything ghostly or literary will be in theme – use your imagination! 


Best in Theme

This year’s theme is The Haunted Library. One diorama, doll, outfit, photo, drawing, or other showing of creativity inspired by The Haunted Library will win Best in Theme. The winner may be an entry for any of the other contests, or something entirely original, like a diorama for dolls to pose in. Best in Theme will be judged on reflection of the theme plus skill, artistry, and creativity. Any entry entered into any of the contests will be assessed for Best in Theme; you only have to enter your work in this category if you are not entering it in another category.

To enter, submit an entry related to The Haunted Library in any of the contests, or bring something special just for Best In Theme to PUDDLE.  


Customization Contest

There are five categories:

  1. Full Custom: Dolls made from Make It Own kits or full-sized dolls that have been completely redesigned–new chips, wig, faceup, and clothing. No part of the original doll, including faceup, should remain.
  2. Modified: modified full-sized doll–something (wig, faceup, stock, chips) remains of the original doll. Examples include dolls that have been rewigged and rechipped but still have their original faceups, dolls that have new eye makeup but stock eyebrows and lips, dolls that have been rewigged and redressed.
  3. Mini: customized and modified miniature dolls (including AI and Pang-ju dolls).
  4. Original Outfit: any size doll, stock or customized, in an original outfit completely made by the contestant.
  5. Dolly Smorgasbord – new for 2020! Enter any other kind of doll (BJD, Smart Doll, Blythe, Barbie, etc.) as a full custom or modified doll, or make an original outfit for that kind of doll.

In the Full Custom and Modified categories, there will be up to three winners – one Pullip; one Dal, Byul, Yeolume, Sasha, or J-Doll; and one Taeyang, Namu, or Isul. There will also be a fan favorite (if a fourth doll other than the three winners is one of the top fan favorite vote getters). In the mini and Original Outfit categories, there will be at least one judged winner and one fan favorite from each category. There will be some great prizes for the winners, including dolls, MIO kits, outfits, and accessories.

For the Dolly Smorgasbord, we’ll see what’s entered and decide how to judge them from there. But there will be prizes.

To enter, customize your entry and get your doll to PUDDLE on June 6, 2020.

If you will not personally be attending PUDDLE, you must fill out the Remote Entry Permission Form before June 1, 2020!
Fill out an entry form at the event and put your dolls on display by 2:30pm.
(Please note that this is a fan-run event and there will be no paid security.)

Contest Rules:

  • Each entry must be the original work of the person submitting it with credit given to any contributors to the work, or if the customizer is not present he or she must have asked you to enter the contest. Customizers who will not personally be attending PUDDLE must fill out the Remote Entry Permission Form to give permission in advance. 
  • Each person can enter up to three entries total in the Groove contests.
    • One category per entry. Full Custom dolls cannot also enter for Original Outfit, for example. The one exception is Best in Theme – all entries will be considered for Best in Theme. Two additional entries can be entered in the Dolly Smorgasbord.
  • Each entry must be accompanied by an entry form.
    • Entry forms must provide the name of the customizer(s), the name of the person at PUDDLE who is responsible for the entry (if needed), and a list of changes, such as sanding, carving, painting, rechipping, rewigging, brands of clothing and accessories, etc.
    • More than one person can help customize an entry, but each person must be credited on the entry form.
    • The customizer can bring together elements from others (clothing, companions, etc.) as long as the originators are credited.
    • To save time, you may prepare this information ahead of time on a card or piece of paper no larger than 4.25″ x 5.75″, or half a standard letter-size page. (A 3″ x 5″ index card is recommended as space is often tight on the display tables.) You will still need to pick up an official entry slip at PUDDLE to get your entry number(s).
    • Entry forms will be available at the Information Table starting as soon as the doors open.
  • Each entry must be present at PUDDLE, even if the customizer is not. Please note that if the customizer is not present, he or she must have asked you to enter the contest.  All customizers who will not personally be attending PUDDLE must fill out the Remote Entry Permission Form to give permission in advance. 
  • If you are not coming to PUDDLE but want to enter the contest you can
    1. sell or give your entry to someone who is coming;
    2. ask someone who is coming to bring the entry and return the entry to you after the contest; or
    3. donate the entry to PUDDLE to be used as a raffle or contest prize.
  • Pullips, Dals, Namus, Taeyangs, Byuls, Isuls, Yeolumes, J-Dolls, and Sasha dolls may be entered in the Full Custom, Modified, and Original Outfit categories.
  • Mini Pullips, Dals, and Taeyangs, Angel Pullips and Dals, Pang-Ju BJDs, and Ai BJDs may be entered in the Mini and Original Outfit categories only.
  • Dolls other than those listed above are only permitted in the Dolly Smorgasbord contest.

Other Important Details:

  • Although not required, the custom doll can reflect the theme of PUDDLE (The Haunted Library). Dolls and outfits that fit the theme are eligible for the Best in Theme Award.
  • Entries can be sold at PUDDLE after the contest has been judged.
  • An original outfit can only be entered in either the Dress-Like-Your-Doll Contest or in the Original Outfit category, not both.

Entries will be judged on the quality, creativity, and style of the customization, the skill of the customizer, and the overall artistry of the custom. While reflection of the theme is not required in most categories, it may be a factor in choosing winners. PUDDLE attendees will also have the opportunity to select a fan favorite through a vote. The judges’ decisions will be final.

Pictures of the entries will be posted on the PUDDLE website. By entering, you give your permission for pictures of your entry to be posted on the website and submitted to magazines for possible publication. 

Dress-Like-Your-Doll Contest

To enter, come to PUDDLE. Bring your doll and matching outfits for the two of you. You will show off your outfits in a parade of contestants at PUDDLE, immediately followed by judging. Be prepared to describe your costumes for your entry form, so the master of ceremonies can show you off!

You are welcome to enter this contest with any doll, including those outside the Pullip family – feel free to bring your Blythe, BJD, Monster High, or other doll of your choosing.

You can wear the outfits the whole day, or change before or after the parade.

Important Details:

  • You are not required to design or sew the outfits yourself–purchased costumes are welcome, as are simple outfits like jeans and a t-shirt!
  • An original outfit can only be entered in either the Dress Like Your Doll Contest or in the Original Outfit contest, not both.
  • However, contestants who choose to enter their doll-size costume in the Original Outfit category of the Custom Contest can still participate in the Dress-Like-Your-Doll Parade as non-competing entrants!
  • Although not required, the costumes can reflect the theme of PUDDLE (The Haunted Library). Outfits that fit the theme are eligible for the Best in Theme Award.

Entries will be judged on creativity, originality, sewing skill (if applicable), and overall artistry. A matching costume set in which one or both of the costumes are handmade, original, or both is likely to be judged higher than a costume purchased off the shelf. (It’s still fun to show off your outfits though, even if you didn’t make it yourself!)

By entering, you give your permission for photos of you and your doll to be posted on the PUDDLE website and submitted to magazines for possible publication.

Photo and Art Contest (deadline June 30)

The online Photo and Art Contest is a great way to participate in PUDDLE if you can’t attend in person. Anyone can enter up to two photos and two pieces of art. If we receive enough entries, at the judges’ discretion categories may be created and multiple prizes awarded. Entries accepted starting January 1, 2020!

Great prizes will be awarded.

To enter, submit your high-quality digital images of the entries (photo or art)
to by June 30, 2020. 
You will receive a confirmation that your entry was received.

Each entry email must be accompanied by the real name and screen name of the artist or photographer. Please include a note about the media for art and photo manipulation (if any) for photos. You may optionally include titles for your work(s).

Entry rules and details:

  • All entries must be the original work of the person submitting them.
  • Each person can enter up to two entries in the photo category and two entries in the art category.
  • The subject of the photograph or artwork must be related to Pullip, Dal, Namu, Taeyang, Byul, Isul, mini Pullip/Dal/Taeyang, Angel Pullip/Dal, or Yeolume.
  • The theme of this year’s PUDDLE is The Haunted Library. The theme must be represented in some way in the photo or artwork.
  • Each entry must be new and created or taken specifically for the PUDDLE 2020 contest. Entries can be posted elsewhere once they are entered in the contest.
  • You do not have to be present at PUDDLE to enter the contest.
  • More than one artist can be involved in the creation as long as all are credited.
  • Photo manipulation is allowed, but information must be included when the photo is submitted.
  • Please send the highest resolution photo you have, since the entries are printed for display at PUDDLE, and sometimes printed in print magazine coverage as well.

Entries will be judged on creativity, originality, reflection of the theme (The Haunted Library), and overall artistry.

Entries will be posted online on the PUDDLE website and on Flickr. Entries will also be displayed in a printed gallery at PUDDLE. (There will not be a contest at the event itself.) By entering, you give your permission for photos of your work to be posted at PUDDLE, on the website, and on Flickr, as well as submitted to magazines for possible publication. You retain ownership and copyright of your photos.

View the History Galleries for information on winners at previous events!