Who makes PUDDLE happen?


TrueFan as Lunatic Alice

TrueFan as Dal Lunatic Alice in 2011

TrueFan: Jane Easterly

Founder and Director

Jane is an amazing reference librarian who lives in west central Illinois, and the world’s biggest fan of Dal! She founded PUDDLE in 2008 to share her love of Dal (and Pullip) with other fans. In the months before PUDDLE, Jane has a part in every major decision and is in charge of handling funds, making hotel arrangements, collecting donated items, and more.

At PUDDLE, Jane can be found making announcements, taking photos, and entering contests. (She also makes Saturday night dinner reservations in the hotel restaurant so everyone can relax together!)

Babelglyph: Crayola Bolger

Event and Website Administrator

Crayola has been helping with PUDDLE since 2009, when she was in college at the University of Chicago. She is now a librarian herself, by coincidence. In the months before PUDDLE, Crayola helps Jane make decisions, run the website and social media presence, and organizes volunteers. She also designs the website and the printed programs, among other things.

At PUDDLE, Crayola can be found acting as MC throughout the day, especially for the dress-like-your-doll parade. (She also hosts the Friday and Saturday night tea parties in the lobby!)

Babelglyph as Dal Coral, from PUDDLE 2012. (photo by Singing Raven Photography)

Babelglyph as Dal Coral in 2012. (photo by Singing Raven Photography)

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