Yay, thank you! Contact us to tell us who you are and what you want to donate, and we’ll go from there! We’ll add your donation to the list and send you the mailing address for your package.

Big things, little things, all sorts of things! If it’s doll-related, especially for Pullip and company, it would probably be a great donation. You can check out our wishlist for some specific ideas.

Typical item donations include handmade or commercially-produced doll clothing, doll accessories and photo props, customizing materials, merchandise featuring doll photography, and more. We especially appreciate donations of multiple items, especially small identical or similar-value items.

We especially love donations of dolls! We welcome stock or custom dolls, in any condition. Dolls that are in mint condition can be offered as contest or treasure table prizes. Dolls in poor condition will be sent out to volunteer customizers to get makeovers and return all spruced up.

Please limit doll donations to dolls made by Jun Planning, Groove, or Ars Gratia Artis. While we have many fans of Blythe, Monster High, and other dolls in attendance, and those dolls are welcome to visit in the crowd, PUDDLE is for the appreciation of Groove-family dolls. As such, we would like to keep the prize offerings to dolls directly related to Pullip, which includes minis, Angel Pullips and Dals, J-Dolls, Ai Dolls, and other dolls from the same manufacturer.

Monetary donations are always welcome and will be used to pay for the maintenance of the website as well as funding future PUDDLEs. A $10 donation pays to sponsor one month of the website.

Donations are distributed to PUDDLE attendees in a few ways:

  1. Gift Bags: These include small items for both dolls and their owners. Typical offerings include clothing, customizing accessories, photo props, candy, stationery, and other small-size items. Donations for every gift bag are especially welcome. However, we recognize that everyone cannot donate that many items, so a donation in any amount will be gratefully accepted. We expect to give out 148 gift bags.
  2. Contest Prizes: These vary from small handmade clothing items to mint condition dolls to one-of-a-kind trophies made specially as prizes! We especially need volunteers to create sets of prizes for the different contests. See the Wishlist page for more details on contest
  3. Treasure Table Prizes: Typically, large or unique items like fully custom dolls, wigs, handmade outfits, doll carriers, and such.
  4. Door Prizes: These tend to be items that are doll-related, but not necessarily for dolls. They are medium-size items. Past door prizes have included Rement, mugs, doll hats, doll footwear, and more.

Strictly speaking, no, especially if they are larger or more labor-intensive items. However, the higher a number of similar items you can donate, the better. We try to balance the gift bags so that everyone gets the same amount of items and it’s easiest to do this with lots of items to choose from.

If you can’t donate enough for every gift bag (148 items is quite a lot!), we love to receive donation sets in increments of 5 or 10. Single items are likely to end up as treasures or contest prizes but may still find their way to gift bags depending on need.

We appreciate all donations for the gift bags, even if it is a single item!

We will try to accommodate all requests. However, we may be forced to reassign donations to other categories based on need.

The exceptions are for contest prizes and large quantities of identical things–you can contact us to sponsor a specific contest with a specific set of prizes. (See the table at the bottom of the Wishlist for more details on sponsoring contest prizes.) Large numbers of the same thing (e.g. 50 pairs of eyechips) will be best used in gift bags if they are small, and door prizes if they are medium-size.

Please do. It’s not necessary, but it helps us to plan better. We can also work with you to make sure your time and energy is spent well, if we plan your work together. Depending on what you plan to donate, we may also be able to help with materials costs for your project(s).

If you want to be a Sponsor, let us know so we can add you to the Sponsors list!

If you are also a PUDDLE Vendor who also wants to be a PUDDLE Sponsor, you must donate item(s) worth at least $20. If you are not a Vendor, you must donate item(s) worth at least $25. Items for Sponsors don’t have to fit any particular category. They can be handmade or commercially manufactured.

The value of the items is determined by you, the sponsor. Please let us know the total value (if more than $20/$25) so we can calculate the generosity of our donors and keep track of how much PUDDLE is worth.

No matter what, you can’t mail donated items too soon. The more time we have beforehand to focus on getting other things ready, the better!


If you are not attending PUDDLE:
Please ship any gift bag item donations so they arrive at least one month before the event date.
Larger items, especially dolls, should be mailed as soon as possible, so we can take pictures and advertise your donations on Facebook and various doll forums. We want to promote the awesome things people can get if they go to PUDDLE, as well as the awesome people who donated those things and their online shops! We are happy to use your photos instead of taking them ourselves, and please feel free to post about your donation to our Facebook group.


If you are attending PUDDLE: 
You can always ship donations ahead of time!
If you need to bring gift bag items to PUDDLE, you will have to bring them to the venue by Friday morning in order to have time to stuff them in the gift bags. As soon as registration opens on Friday afternoon, gift bag distribution begins. (You can still place items on the Leaving Something/Take Something table or at your booth if you are a vendor.)
Other items, like contest prizes or custom dolls, can be brought directly to PUDDLE so long as they get to the venue by 9am. Please take photos, let us know to expect your item, and advertise your donation on Facebook and doll forums! It helps us to know approximately how many treasure drawing items we will have so we can allocate the right amount of space for displaying the donations appropriately.
Maybe. For the most part, donations to PUDDLE include the materials as well as the labor, but for some things (such as custom dolls or multiple outfits for the gift bags) we may be able to help with materials costs. Contact us if you have an idea that needs a little extra support, and we’ll see what we can do. Sometimes we have supplies we can share, even if we can’t help with a financial contribution.

Yes, please! We especially welcome donations of bait dolls, customizing materials like wigs, eyechips, and Obitsu bodies, and fabric suitable for doll clothing. Contact us so we can figure out whether or not we have a volunteer standing by who can use them.

Thank you to everyone who donates time or items to PUDDLE.
We couldn’t hold the event without you!