When should I give PUDDLE my donations?

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No matter what, you can’t mail donated items too soon. The more time we have beforehand to focus on getting other things ready, the better!


If you are not attending PUDDLE:
Please ship any gift bag item donations so they arrive at least one month before the event date.
Larger items, especially dolls, should be mailed as soon as possible, so we can take pictures and advertise your donations on Facebook and various doll forums. We want to promote the awesome things people can get if they go to PUDDLE, as well as the awesome people who donated those things and their online shops! We are happy to use your photos instead of taking them ourselves, and please feel free to post about your donation to our Facebook group.


If you are attending PUDDLE: 
You can always ship donations ahead of time!
If you need to bring gift bag items to PUDDLE, you will have to bring them to the venue by Friday morning in order to have time to stuff them in the gift bags. As soon as registration opens on Friday afternoon, gift bag distribution begins. (You can still place items on the Leaving Something/Take Something table or at your booth if you are a vendor.)
Other items, like contest prizes or custom dolls, can be brought directly to PUDDLE so long as they get to the venue by 9am. Please take photos, let us know to expect your item, and advertise your donation on Facebook and doll forums! It helps us to know approximately how many treasure drawing items we will have so we can allocate the right amount of space for displaying the donations appropriately.