Are tickets refundable?

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Tickets for PUDDLE 2021 have a special refund policy: Tickets purchased between October 2019 and February 2021 are refundable for any reason up to 1 week before PUDDLE 2021. Tickets purchased March 2021 and later are not refundable and follow the normal policy below.

Due to the small-scale nature of the event, we cannot refund tickets. However, your ticket can be transferred to another person if PUDDLE staff are notified of the transfer no later than one week before PUDDLE. (If you buy a secondhand ticket, make sure you contact us to tell us what name you want on your badge.)

Transferred tickets cannot be sold for more than the original purchaser paid.

Purchasing tickets from a third party is taken at your own risk. PUDDLE accepts no responsibility for any problems with secondhand ticket sales. However, if you are concerned that someone may be selling tickets they don’t have, or for more money than they originally paid, please contact us so that we may investigate.