Yes. Everyone who will be in the meeting room is expected to pay the fee and receive a nametag, for space and security reasons. There is a lot to do in the Chicago area, so people who are not interested in PUDDLE may want to find other activities.

If you are 13 or under, we suggest that an adult accompany you to the event, though they are not required to buy their own ticket and stay in the room.

If you are 9 or under, an adult must an adult must accompany you to the event, purchase their own ticket, and stay in the room with you.

Only very small children are allowed to attend without paying a fee. (We do discourage attendees from bringing small children because there are many tempting items to touch and it is hard to fully participate in PUDDLE with a small child. However, we know sometimes there is no other way for a parent to attend. Young children will always be able to sit with their parents but will not have room at a guest table for their own toys and activities.)

Please contact us if you have questions.