How are item donations used?

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Donations are distributed to PUDDLE attendees in a few ways:

  1. Gift Bags: These include small items for both dolls and their owners. Typical offerings include clothing, customizing accessories, photo props, candy, stationery, and other small-size items. Donations for every gift bag are especially welcome. However, we recognize that everyone cannot donate that many items, so a donation in any amount will be gratefully accepted. We expect to give out 148 gift bags.
  2. Contest Prizes: These vary from small handmade clothing items to mint condition dolls to one-of-a-kind trophies made specially as prizes! We especially need volunteers to create sets of prizes for the different contests. See the Wishlist page for more details on contest
  3. Treasure Table Prizes: Typically, large or unique items like fully custom dolls, wigs, handmade outfits, doll carriers, and such.
  4. Door Prizes: These tend to be items that are doll-related, but not necessarily for dolls. They are medium-size items. Past door prizes have included Rement, mugs, doll hats, doll footwear, and more.