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Vendors for 2019 will be selected to meet the needs of PUDDLE attendees while still giving as many vendors as possible a chance to sell their wares. PUDDLE vendors should plan to sell primarily items for dolls. Items that are suitable for Groove dolls like Pullip, Dal, Taeyang, and Isul sell the best, although items for other kinds of dolls are still welcome.

PUDDLE is a very small convention, with only 144 tickets planned for 2019, but our attendees consistently list shopping the vendors as one of their favorite parts of PUDDLE. We are grateful to have so many fantastic vendors who help make PUDDLE a wonderful experience for all attendees!

If you have any questions about vending at PUDDLE 2019, please contact us.

Vendor Application for PUDDLE 2019
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Most PUDDLE vendors also donate items to be used for gift bags, contest prizes, treasure drawings, or other such activities. Donating gets your name listed on our Sponsors page both on our website and in print at the event itself.
Registration & Helpers
One person per vendor table is required to register as a PUDDLE guest in addition to paying the vendor fee. Vendor participants have full access to the same activities as regular PUDDLE participants, including receiving gift bags/door prizes and entering contests/silent auctions/treasure drawings. If you will have any helpers with you who are not interested at all in participating, you may register them as Vendor Helpers. Helpers pay a significantly discounted price of $15 instead of $30/35, but they will not be able to participate in other PUDDLE activities.
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