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Get Caught in a Magical Candy Thunderstorm

The 14th Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event took place on June 11, 2022 in the Chicago suburb of Elk Grove Village. Covid took a toll on attendance, but 80 people turned out for contests, workshops, and fun with other doll lovers. The theme was Magical Candy Thunderstorm.

On Friday, a large group of attendees visited Gigi’s Dolls and Sherry’s Teddy Bears, a large doll shop in Chicago not too far from the event hotel. The shop offers a huge variety of antique to modern dolls and accessories. Other Friday events included early check-in, a group dinner at Mitsuwa Marketplace, and buy-sell-trade activities in the hotel’s lobby.

Saturday daytime activities including shopping at the 10 vendors, a dress like your doll costume parade, cake, a workshop on basic Pullip modification, and customization contests. After PUDDLE ended, many guests headed out for a group dinner. Dinner was followed by socializing and jewelry making in the hotel lobby.

Table captains decorated the guest tables to match the theme, and candy was sprinkled everywhere. Although PUDDLE celebrates dolls from Groove Inc., all dolls are welcome, and this year Danny Choo’s Smart Dolls had a particularly large presence. Guests could participate in the dress like your doll contest with any brand of doll, and the Dolly Smorgasbord customization contest was for dolls outside the Groove family.

First time attendee Queli Castro said, “I can’t believe it took me 14 years to finally get there but I finally got there and had a wonderful time.”

After the event, a donation was made to americares.org to support people affected by the Ukraine crisis.

Event contest winners:

Best in Theme – Pippin Peroxide by Kat Bowman

Full Custom

1st – Howl and Sophie by Melissa Sowers

2nd – Candy Chloe by Jade Saphia

3rd – Wiley the Fox by Rowan Redbrush

Fan Favorite – Pullip Bunny Fluffy Tail by Natalia Whitaker


1st – Candy Workshop by Rebecca Lawrence

2nd – Kandi Thunderstorm by Fen

3rd – Star Makeover by Jess LeBar

Fan Favorite – Brown-Eyed Girl by Kelsey Nenninger

Original Outfit

Winner – Harajuko Candy Storm by Chris Grapengeter

Dolly Smorgasbord

1st – CLARE by Nicole Feldman

2nd – The Ringmaster by Kat Bowman

3rd – Shrek Wedding Scene by Zara Lateef

Fan Favorite – Kayla by Krystan Chaney

Dress Like Your Doll

1st – Marci Stevenson and Levina

2nd – Nicole Feldman as Rei

3rd –Jackie Powers as Noir

Judge’s Choice – Rowan and Wiley


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