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The theme of PUDDLE 2013 was owls. Hoot!

The theme of PUDDLE 2013 was owls. Hoot!

It Was a Hoot!

The Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event takes place each year, and each year there is a new theme. In 2013 the theme was owls, and owls of every kind could be seen represented on dolls, people, decorations, and accessories. The sixth PUDDLE took place at the Holiday Inn Chicago-Elk Grove on June 15.

Although PUDDLE is a fan-run event, it has the support of GROOVE INC, the company behind the Pullip family of dolls. GROOVE INC USA donated five dolls wearing outfits designed by students in Japan and an assortment of hard-to-find Pullip items. Through silent auctions for the dolls and raffles for a huge variety of prizes, $738 was raised for the Willowbrook Wildlife Center, which does wildlife rehabilitation in the Chicago area.

The winner of the PUDDLE online photo/art contest was Jessica L. Crayola B. won the dress-like-your-doll contest with steampunk outfits she made for herself and her doll. Alice Omega, a zombie-themed Alice in Wonderland Pullip created by Requiem, was chosen as the best customized doll, and Victorian Jack, wearing an outfit designed by Applecandy, won the best mini doll contest. The original outfit Owl Ranger by Christa R. won best original outfit and Nicole F.’s Pullip entry won best modified doll.

The event registration fee was a very affordable $16. The dozen vendors in attendance did a brisk business, and buy-sell-trade among the attendees was fast and furious. Each attendee received a goodie bag and a door prize thanks to a long list of generous sponsors, including Groove USA, ebay seller msdoll1, rubyredgalleria.com, ebay seller shifty-lizard-cool-stuff, pullipstyle.com, azonestore.com, mimiwoo.com, etradersplace.com, kerriarosette.com, abigailsknits.com, Sakura’s Blossom, and etsy sellers AintThatCunnin, EffieDalShop, salukimom, dollclothesstore, keelyvh, kirakirameanssparkle, dncnllama, LouiseCaroline, mandylynn, Quamara, and sweetneat.

One attendee commented, “The use of the space was nice this year. It felt full and bustling with activity. I enjoyed all the time to socialize. There were so many events but it was still a relaxed and fun atmosphere.”

An article with text by Jane Easterly and photos by ravenwcatz/The Singing Raven appeared in the Winter 2013 issue of FDQ.

Another article ran in Doll Collector magazine, and included all the Photo and Art Contest entries! (You can view the entries and winners online in the 2013 Photo and Art Contest Gallery.)

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