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Ice Cave Explorers by Allie Cat: Grand prize


Art 1st place: Night and Day by Ruth Poole

Art 2nd place: Friends by Hannah Whitaker

Photo 1st place: The Industrial Age by Zafreen Zerilli

Photo 2nd place: Black Chill, White Chill by Jess LeBar

Honorable mentions:

Best action photo: Snowboard Star by Allie Cat

Cozy with kittens: Sisters by Charlene Jenkins

Best creative expression in fantasy: Ferocious Tranquility by Stephanie Boesso

Cutest: Polar Pullip Fluffy CC by Aracely Reyes

Heartwarming color and theme: Winter and Summer by Amanda Williams

Most moody and dramatic color choice: Sins & Virtues by Gil & Julz Cas

Sisterhood in the World: Alike and Different by Jane Easterly

Timeless clean design: Nice and Naughty by my_munecas

Additional entries:

Anticipation by Jane Easterly

Find Your Horizon and Go by Allie Cat

Opposites Attract by Jane Easterly

Polar Pals by Jess LeBar

Seeking our own wild space by Allie Cat

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