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Judged Winners

Three entries were picked as winners by judge gogojimmy. She assessed the photos independent of the fan favorite voting. Click the thumbnails to see the pictures larger, along with her commentary.

She added, “All the photos were really great, and there are so many too! It was really, really, hard to choose. I hope you’ll have a great PUDDLE! Wish I could be there!”

Fan Favorites

Everyone who entered the contest but could not attend PUDDLE also received a small PUDDLE souvenir as a thank you gift for entering.Great job, everyone who entered, and congratulations to all the winners! Each of the six winners received a beautiful item donated by a PUDDLE sponsor.

Full Contest Gallery

Note: The theme for 2011 was Cranes, but unlike future years, this Photo and Art Contest did not require participants to stick to the theme. 

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