The Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event welcomes all doll lovers. To provide a welcoming experience to everyone, all attendees at PUDDLE are required to agree with and abide by the following code of conduct.

Overall Expectations

Everyone involved with PUDDLE is expected to show respect towards attendees, event and venue staff, the general public, and the various communities associated with the convention. This is a family-friendly convention in a hotel that caters to a wide variety of travelers; children will be present at many events and in open spaces, so please consider this in your conduct.

The Quick Version

PUDDLE is is dedicated to providing a harassment-free convention experience for all attendees, regardless of skin color, religion (or lack thereof), cultural and ethnic background, ability or disability, gender identity and expression, sexual identity or sexual orientation, neurodiversity, physical appearance, race, age, or doll preferences (this list is not exhaustive).

We do not tolerate harassment of attendees in any form. Attendees violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the event without a refund at the discretion of PUDDLE staff.

The Detailed Version

Harassment includes, but is not limited to, offensive verbal comments, sexual images in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks or other events, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention.

Attendees asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately.

Vendors are also subject to the Code of Conduct.

If a participant engages in harassing behavior, PUDDLE staff may take any action they deem appropriate, including warning the offender, revoking awarded prizes or treasures, or expulsion from the event with no refund.

If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact PUDDLE staff immediately. You can identify PUDDLE staff by their badges.

PUDDLE staff will be happy to help participants contact hotel/venue security or local law enforcement, provide escorts, or otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to feel safe for the duration of the event activities, including Friday and Saturday evening informal events. We value your attendance.

We expect participants to follow these rules at PUDDLE venues and while attending PUDDLE-related social events offsite (e.g. Mitsuwa Marketplace group dinner).

Additional Policies


Do not bring weapons to PUDDLE, even if you have a license to carry it.

  • Prop weapons are permitted to be carried for the Dress Like Your Doll contest. Please be mindful about storing prop weapons when not preparing for or participating in the costume parade and photos.
  • Scale models of weapons for dolls are permitted.
  • Some law enforcement officials are required to carry a weapon at all times. When questioned about the weapon, they need only present official identification and explain this requirement.


During the main Saturday event, wear your badge where it can be seen at all times in the ballroom and side room(s). PUDDLE is an event for paid attendees only and your badge is your admissions pass.

Badges are not required to be worn during any of the Friday events or the Saturday dinner/pajama party, as these social events are not exclusively for paid attendees.


SeeĀ Privacy Policy.

Updates to this Policy

This policy may be updated from time to time without notice for minor clarifications, correcting typos, et cetera.

PUDDLE staff will review and revise this policy between registration periods, as needed. Whenever possible, staff will not make any major modifications to this policy during an active registration period — i.e., after registration has opened, but before the next event has occurred. If special circumstances require a significant modification after sales have begun, we will notify all registered attendees so that they may decide whether they agree with the revised policy to attend the event. Code of Conduct changes during active registration periods may be eligible for refunds at staff discretion only.


Adapted from Conference Code of Conduct and the DisCon III Code of Conduct. Last modified on 2022-12-18.