charitable donation/2016 theme/2015 survey

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Thank you to everyone who donated items or bought raffle tickets in 2015! We raised $603 in raffle sales. We have made a donation of $503 to the Willowbrook Wildlife Center, including the purchase of a brick for the butterfly garden. (The other $100 plus the money from the silent auctions will go toward PUDDLE 2016.)

Speaking of PUDDLE 2016, the theme will be Space: The Final Frontier. It’s the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, the new Star Wars movie is coming out in December, X-Files is making new episodes, Doctor Who is phenomenally popular worldwide, and Sailor Moon has been rebooted. So it’s a space/space exploration/planets/science fiction/aliens theme. It should be a lot of fun.

In 2017 we will hold the 10th PUDDLE. If you have any theme suggestions, please send them to puddlestyle @ The suggestions will be narrowed down and we’ll vote on them at the 2016 PUDDLE, announcing the 2017 theme at the very end of the day. We are also looking for suggestions for 2016’s charity organization.

We are already making adjustments to next year’s schedule and events, and we need your help. Whether or not you attended PUDDLE  2015, please take this survey and give us your feedback. You are also welcome to email directly to give feedback or volunteer to help in 2016. Thanks!