Throwback Thursday: Dress Like Your Doll Contest

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The Dress Like Your Doll costume contest has been running since 2009, after people at the first PUDDLE in 2008 dressed like their dolls just for fun. The basic gist of the contest is to have the owner and doll in matching outfits, usually identical, but sometimes just coordinating. Every year we have fantastic entries, ranging from made-from-scratch original outfits to custom-ordered costumes based off stock dolls to t-shirts and jeans! It’s always a highlight of the convention, and many people work hard to prepare their entries especially for PUDDLE.

If you’ve never participated in the Dress Like Your Doll contest before, and you’re coming to PUDDLE 2015, consider entering! This is the only contest at PUDDLE where non-Groove dolls are allowed to enter so even if you don’t own any Pullips, you can still participate. In the past we have had several Blythes join us on stage. Even if you don’t feel like making something special for you or your doll, you can still join in with street clothes so long as your doll matches.

Take a peek at entries from years past in the gallery below!