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PUDDLE 2014 - Seven Colors for Seven Years

The theme of the seventh Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event was rainbows – seven colors for seven years. New this year was a Best in Theme contest, and attendees rose to the challenge. The winner was ByronicHeroine with her lineup of Rainbow Brite dolls. 

Attendance was the highest ever, with 77 paid attendees at the Holiday Inn Chicago-Elk Grove. The first 60 paid registrants received premium gift bags, and all others who pre-registered received regular gift bags. The bags contained a nice variety of donated and other items. 

Attendees were able to buy dolls, wigs, handmade clothing, and accessories from vendors. Events included doll customization contests, an original outfit contest, a dress-like-your-doll parade, door prizes, raffles, and a silent auction. For the first time several ice breakers were played, including a Pullip family trivia contest.  

This article on the 2014 PUDDLE appeared in the September 2014 issue of Dolls magazine.

Sponsors of PUDDLE in 2014 included Groove USA, PullipStyle.com, The Shifty Lizard, Denise’s Dolls, mimiwoo.com, etradersplace.com, Doll Collector Magazine, Dolls Magazine, AbigailsKnits.com, the Foxi Shop, KerriaRosette.com, Kaleidoscope Coats, Pale Angel Accessories, Sakura’s Blossoms, and etsy sellers AintThatCunnin, DarlingClover, Gotta Have It Crafts, Hegemony77, Keely's Cute Kimono, KiraKiraMeansSparkle, knittingforPullip, Quaint Quintessence, SetsieSilhouette, Sewgrandmacathy, Suite Retreats Shadow Boxes, Sweet Neat Handicrafts Unicornmine’s Skinny Scalps, and WellerMade.

PUDDLE 2013 - It Was a Hoot!

The Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event takes place each year, and each year there is a new theme. In 2013 the theme was owls, and owls of every kind could be seen represented on dolls, people, decorations, and accessories. The sixth PUDDLE took place at the Holiday Inn Chicago-Elk Grove on June 15.

Although PUDDLE is a fan-run event, it has the support of GROOVE INC, the company behind the Pullip family of dolls. GROOVE INC USA donated five dolls wearing outfits designed by students in Japan and an assortment of hard-to-find Pullip items. Through silent auctions for the dolls and raffles for a huge variety of prizes, $738 was raised for the Willowbrook Wildlife Center, which does wildlife rehabilitation in the Chicago area.

The winner of the PUDDLE online photo/art contest was Jessica LeBar. Crayola Bolger won the dress-like-your-doll contest with steampunk outfits she made for herself and her doll. Alice Omega, a zombie-themed Alice in Wonderland Pullip created by Requiem, was chosen as the best customized doll, and Victorian Jack, wearing an outfit designed by Mela Rivellini, won the best mini doll contest. The original outfit Owl Ranger by Christa Rodriguez won best original outfit and Nicole Feldman’s Pullip entry won best modified doll.

The event registration fee was a very affordable $16. The dozen vendors in attendance did a brisk business, and buy-sell-trade among the attendees was fast and furious. Each attendee received a goodie bag and a door prize thanks to a long list of generous sponsors, including Groove USA, ebay seller msdoll1, rubyredgalleria.com, ebay seller shifty-lizard-cool-stuff, pullipstyle.com, azonestore.com, mimiwoo.com, etradersplace.com, kerriarosette.com, abigailsknits.com, Sakura’s Blossom, and etsy sellers AintThatCunnin, EffieDalShop, salukimom, dollclothesstore, keelyvh, kirakirameanssparkle, dncnllama, LouiseCaroline, mandylynn, quamara, and sweetneat.

One attendee commented, “The use of the space was nice this year. It felt full and bustling with activity. I enjoyed all the time to socialize. There were so many events but it was still a relaxed and fun atmosphere.”

An article with text by TrueFan and photos by ravenwcatz/The Singing Raven appeared in the Winter 2013 issue of FDQ.



The Stars Shown Bright at PUDDLE 2012

The Stars Shown Bright at PUDDLE 2012

The theme of the fifth Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event (PUDDLE) was stars with five points representing the five years of the event, and fans in attendance agreed it was a sparkling occasion for everyone.

PUDDLE 2012 took place on June 9 at the Elk Grove Village Holiday Inn in the Chicago suburbs. For the first time, a USA representative from Groove Inc., the company behind Pullip doll and her friends, attended the event. Yosuke Oba of Jun Planning USA/Groove USA brought upcoming releases as well as sample prototype dolls from Groove creative artist Mango Park. He also auctioned retired dolls and sold nude dolls at a great price, causing a frenzy of buying.

On Friday night, attendees ate dinner at Mitsuwa Marketplace, a short distance from the event hotel, then gathered in the hotel lobby for informal activities.

Saturday started with registration and adorable gift bags showcasing artwork by Julianne Hom and Carmela Doneza. Morning events included a buy-sell-trade opportunity, a group photo, door prizes for everyone, and a secret gift swap. After a break for lunch, a doll customization contest was judged by Ariel Haynes of the Shifty Lizard Shop, which was present throughout the day selling NRFB dolls.

In the full customization category, Jane “TrueFan” Easterly was awarded first place for her Dal Luvvul, customized as a red fox, and second place for her Dal Festive, customized as a festive parrot. Caleb “Professor Emil” Reich won third place for his Dal Anastasia. Christy Johnson was awarded first place in the modified category for her Pullip Elidia. Second place went to Carolyn “Babelglyph” Bolger and third place to Aerielle “Utsu~chan” Simmons.

The customization contest was followed by a dress-like-your-doll parade, judged by Kathryn Huang and Melissa Sowers. Huang and Sowers donated gorgeous prizes for the costume and original outfit contests from their etsy shops, Keely’s Cute Kimono and Quaint Quintessence. The winners in the costume contest were Caleb Reich, Megan “ravenwcatz” Gallagher, and Jane Easterly and their matching dolls. In the original outfit category, Christa “Byronic Heroine” Rodriguez was awarded first place, Carmela “applecandy” Rivellini second place, and Caleb Reich third place.

An online photo contest took place before the event, allowing fans from around the world who could not make it to the event on June 9 to participate. Manga artist Carmela “Shiei” Doneza judged the contest and chose “Catch a Falling Star” by Desiree Grubbs as the first place winner, saying “The composition is simple but straight to the point. I love its whimsy and the light hearted feeling it gives.” Jessie Kanacharoen was awarded second prize for her untitled entry and the team of Claire Molenda and Cecily Bobrowski was awarded third prize for their entry “Out of This World Cuteness.” In an online poll, entries by M. van Rooijen, Jessica LeBar, and Shannon Fukumoto were chosen as Fan Favorites.

The day wound down with drawings for some wonderful raffle prizes, socializing, and clean-up, followed by dinner in the hotel restaurant and an informal gathering in the hotel lobby until the wee hours. Money from the raffles was donated to the USO, in honor of those who serve the stars and stripes, and to the Willowbrook Wildlife Center.

An article on the event and photos from the photo/art contest appeared in the November 2012 Doll Collector Magazine:


The fourth Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event, held on June 11, 2011, was enjoyed by 60 attendees who travelled from 10 states and Canada. The event theme, cranes, was inspired by sandhill cranes at the charity organization, the Willowbrook Wildlife Center. Custom dolls and other donated items were raffled off to raise $500 for the Center.

The weekend started Friday with dinner at Mitsuwa Japanese Mall and a tea party at the hotel. Saturday events included an organized buy-sell-trade, group photos, door prizes for everyone thanks to generous donations from sponsors, gift swap, customizing workshop, customized doll contest, and dress-like-your-doll parade.

The top customization prize was won by Liz Healy for the OOAK Pullip doll she donated to the raffle. The costume contest was won by Amanda Edwards dressed as Pullip Clara. Krista Farmer won the original doll outfit first prize for the very detailed ensemble made for her custom Luna Lovegood Pullip.

Sponsors included Jun Planning USA, PullipStyle, eTraders Place, Gigi's Dolls and Sherry's Teddy Bears, the Doll Peddlar, the Sleeping Elf, Denise's Dolls, RubyRedGalleria, KerriaRosette, the Mimi Collection, and etsy sellers EffieDalShop, Keely's Cute Kimono, sewgrandmacathy, Day Dreamer Dolly, Quaint Quintessence, blythesocdcloset, gotta have it crafts, WellerMade, Aint That Cunnin, Dolly Dreadful, Jackiekie, and Louise Caroline.

Raffle dolls were created by Myufish, RequiemArt, Day Dreamer Dolly, Blair and Delightfulfreak, Mioshu, and TrueFan.

Many fans continued the fun in the hotel restaurant and lobby until the wee hours. Eleven fans visited the Willowbrook Wildlife Center on Sunday and received a fascinating and educational behind-the-scenes tour.

The 2011 event received a lot of wonderful coverage in doll magazines. The following article appeared in the November 2011 Dolls Magazine:

An article on the event and photos from the photo/art contest appeared in the November 2011 Doll Collector Magazine:

And the Winter 2011 Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazine had a long article complete with sponsor names:


The third Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event was thoroughly enjoyed by the 70 attendees who made the trip to Elk Grove Village, Illinois, on June 5, 2010. Attendees came from 11 states and from as far away as California.

The theme of PUDDLE 2010 was “turtles,” and turtles abounded. Raffle ticket sales brought in $250 to be donated to the Willowbrook Wildlife Center in Glen Ellen, Illinois, for their work with endangered turtles, and to the Louisiana Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Rescue Program to help turtles affected by the Gulf oil spill.

While the total value of the convention was over $6000, all but $1000 of it was covered through generous donations of talent and goods. Thanks to the generosity of the event sponsors, each registered attendee took home at least one door prize.

Sponsors in 2010 included PullipStyle, Jun Planning USA, Adore Magazine, Ningyou Magazine, eTraders Place, Panik’s Toy Box, Re-Ment, the Doll Peddlar, Gigi’s Dolls and Sherry’s Teddy Bears, the Mimi Collection, the Sleeping Elf, JPOP Dolls, Denise’s Dolls, nekoshiei, and etsy sellers effiedalshop, sewgrandmacathy, blythesocdcloset, salukimom, daydreamerdolly, wellermade, sugarblocks, kanamai, and jackiekie.

The following article appeared in Doll Collector magazine in 2010:


The second Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event (PUDDLE) was held on
June 6, 2009, at the Courtyard Chicago Arlington Heights/South in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights, Illinois. The event was sold out, with 60 attendees enjoying gift bags, contests, doll pajama parties, and more. There were at least four dolls on hand for every attendee. Lovers of Pullip, her boyfriend, and his kid sister traveled from a dozen United States and Canada.

The day included a trip to Mitsuwa Japanese Mall for lunch and shopping. Online shop PullipStyle.com delivered both preordered and impulse-purchase Pullip, Dal, and Taeyang dolls, in addition to donating kawaii notepads for everyone. Raffle items donated by online store The Sleeping Elf Ltd and by etsy sellers keelyvh, salukimom, sewgrandmacathy, and BlythesOCDCloset were raffled off, and over $100 was raised to benefit the Save-A-Pet adoption center in Grayslake, Illinois. The event gift bags were filled with goodies from PullipStyle, Jun Planning USA, Rement International, and over a dozen other sponsors, including the Mimi Collection, AmbitiousLove.net, CanCan-Jseries, JPop Dolls, and eTraders Place, plus etsy sellers Megipupu, Jackiekie, FollowtheWhiteRabbit, Burntbao, and CommonlyCute. Etsy seller EffieDalShop made a pair of doll pajamas for every gift bag!

Kathy Davis was awarded a Haute Pullip in New York doll for her winning entry in the doll customization contest. Megan Standiford, the winner of the dress-like-your-doll contest, won a cute kimono from etsy seller keelyvh. Sara Egtved and Victoria Cossack, the winners of the online and event photo/art contests, received gift certificates from online shop panikstoybox.com and etsy seller MyOwnLittleWorld. Seven lucky attendees went home with mini dolls donated by event coordinator Jane Easterly and given out as door prizes. The $3,000 cost of PUDDLE was funded by a small registration fee and generous donations from the sponsors.

The following article appeared in Haute Doll Magazine in 2009:


Lovers of Pullip met on May 31, 2008, at the first Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event. The event had over 30 attendees who participated in events, admired the dolls, took pictures, and just generally had fun. The group met at Mitsuwa Chicago Marketplace in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Fans traveled to the event from Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, and Washington DC, in addition to Illinois. Mitsuwa has an extensive selection of Japanese groceries, books, and restaurants, and the group practically cleared out their assortment of Rement miniatures.

A handful of participants dressed to mirror their "mini me" dolls, and several customized mini Pullips were donated and raffled off. Pullip fans want to give back to the community, so extra raffle tickets were sold with the $36 in proceeds going to Save-A-Pet Adoption Center in the nearby suburb of Grayslake. Participants enjoyed seeing various stock Pullip, Dal, and Taeyang dolls as well as customized dolls. Online web store Pullipstyle.com, home to a very active forum for Pullips lovers, is located near the mall, and collectors were delighted to receive preordered dolls from the shop at the event. Attendees (including the dolls!) received cute keepsake nametags and other small gifts. The event included a grab bag swap and lots of sharing of Pullip love!

The September 2008 issue of Doll Reader magazine contained the following article:

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